Initiated in 2007, GATE has been considered as one of the leading companies that present a service excellence in several domains. It achieved, as well, its growth by expanding facilities, procuring state-of-the-art equipment and advancing IT management systems, in addition to a high business evolution due to undertaking more complex projects over time.

GATE is consisted of a dynamic and experienced staff in a range of professions including Civil, Architectural and Surveying Engineering; Land Surveying (Topography), GIS, CAD Design, Graphic Design and others.

GATE approaches its projects confidently with a strategic attitude and extensive use of advanced technologies, infrastructure design principles and a profound understanding of regulatory and economic environments. These factors qualify GATE for building exceptional client relations which are directed as well to serve their needs perfectly.

GATE’s profile can be summed up briefly by few words that are not only a slogan, but also a promise to all GATE’s clients. Thus it could be believed that GATE is the icon of receiving diverse missions and delivering eternal solutions.